"I had the pleasure of working with Romy for just under a year. Her personalized approach to leadership development, goal setting & self-reflection provided me with the tools and skills to effectively manage the challenges at hand professionally and personally. Romy’s warm nature made me feel comfortable immediately and her genuine interest in my success was shown through all conversations and projects she assisted me on. Our time working together continues to help shape the way that I communicate and approach challenges at work. I highly recommend taking advantage of executive coaching with Romy."

Katie, Partner, Senior Director • Global Media Agency


A media executive and partner wanting to develop her leadership presence, stronger communications skills with senior management, and strike better work-life boundaries. 

The Challenge

A business executive in a new role leading a large team looking to define his leadership brand, coach his team and deepen industry knowledge.


"I connected with Romy at just the right time – I had a new job, in a new company, in a new industry and was in need of a new mindset (shifting from client services to ‘industry’). For the first time in many years I needed to redefine what ‘success’ meant to me, and start from scratch in building content knowledge and a personal brand. Romy’s coaching and guidance helped me articulate my highest priorities and develop the corresponding behaviors and discipline to meet those critical first-6-months objectives. Romy doesn’t just give you the answers or tell you what to do, rather she helps coax insights out of you in a way that makes the end result more fulfilling and more sustainable over the longer term."

Tim, VP Corporate Strategy • Computer Software

"Romy was my coach for a year while I navigated politics, conflicting priorities with increased workloads, a growing staff, and frequent leadership changes in a fast-paced and high-pressure work environment. I quickly began to look forward to our sessions as Romy's insightful questioning and the often-fun homework she assigned helped me to appreciate the value that I bring to my work and professional relationships. Her unique approach allowed me to come to realize solutions to challenges that I often felt stuck on which resulted in many 'Aha!' moments. Thanks to Romy's thoughtful and thorough style of coaching, I feel more confident than ever in my authentic style and abilities as a leader and colleague. I plan to work with Romy again in the future and highly recommend her to anyone interested in applying new techniques and practices in a professional setting while also learning about themselves personally. Romy is fantastic!"

Jennifer, Director Learning and Development Federal Governement


A learning and development executive looking to successfully navigate a dynamic organization, changing role and growing team.

"Challenging questions, safe space, accountable – this is what I think of when I reflect on my coaching experience with Romy. She’s skilled at asking simple questions that really push me to face truths about myself – both my leadership style and personality. She doesn’t let me off the hook with anything – every assignment builds on the previous one, resulting in tangible changes in just a few short months. I will be sad when my time has come to an end!"

Adina, Managing Consultant Change Management Consultancy



A senior-level consultant wanting to take her leadership capabilities to the next level by leading and coaching her teams through ambiguity.

"Romy has challenged me to really think about my authentic leadership approach and engage with my teams in more meaningful ways. She helped me draw connections in my professional world and went below the surface to do so. As a result, I’m more confident in how I present myself and ask for the things I want. I didn't know what to expect in leadership coaching, but I've loved my time with her and got so much out of it. "

Rachel, Client Director Global PR and Marketing Agency


A creative executive looking to engage and inspire her teams more, and develop her presentation skills and professional relationships.

“Romy’s executive coaching is very helpful and has provided me with techniques to grow in my current role. Romy has been a valuable coach who has pushed me to deal with root issues not just surface concerns....the coaching has been supremely valuable and the way she has weaved day to day concerns into larger topics has been so very helpful both at the micro and macro level of my job.”

Demi, Senior Director Global Media Agency


Recently promoted account executive wanting to develop skills to lead peers, coach teams and refine leadership style.

"Romy is bubbly, bright and warm from the get-go. The coaching is structured and we quickly identified a road map for where I want to go. The set homework made me think carefully about the challenges to getting where I want to be and designed to remove internal blocks and beliefs, which it did successfully, as well as provide practical solutions.  Romy was flexible and happy to adapt to my timetable and requirements. I have found our sessions to be valuable anchors during a phase of career transition."

Kim • Lawyer


A lawyer in career transition looking to develop a meaningful career roadmap and land a senior-level role while developing leadership skills.

"Romy has been of great help to me during my career change process. She is very bright and effective at asking me the right questions to allow me to come to my own solutions and insights. She has also been of great emotional support during a time that can be quite stressful."

Sarah • Career Coach


Career changing looking to define her new career direction from an senior-level accountant to coach.

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