My leadership coaching provides you with a clearer vision of the leader you want to become. 

You'll gain greater awareness of your leadership style, strengths and potential blind spots. With customized coaching goals that fit your career objectives, access the tools to overcome your achilles heel(s), manage your professional relationships, be more focused and productive, and learn coaching skills to lead higher-performing and more empowered teams. 

ThIS program includes:

  • 6 months of leadership coaching

  • Goal-setting and skills assessment

  • Workplace personality and management style assessments

  • Personalized portal for tracking coaching takeaways and ensuring accountability

  • Midpoint reflection to evaluate and re-set goals as needed

  • Two 30-minute bonus laser coaching sessions

  • Ongoing email access


If you want to develop your leadership presence, improve your managerial coaching skills and increase your productivity, let's talk!

Romy doesn’t just give you the answers or tell you what to do, rather she helps coax insights out of you in a way that makes the end result more fulfilling and more sustainable over the longer term.
— Tim, VP Corporate Strategy