Why I created Empower Your Conversations

I’ve always observed how people communicate. The words they choose, the tone they take, the body language they exhibit. No matter what context I’ve found myself in - a strategy session with a CEO or a conversation with my direct report - I’ve always been (obsessively) attuned to this.

The conversations that really intrigue me are those between managers and their employees. I’ve seen (and experienced) the good, the bad and the ugly, and I've personally noticed a palpable difference when I used a coaching management style. My internal dialogues sounded something like this: How can I make this a development opportunity? What questions can I ask that will inspire ownership? What control do I need to let go of?

When you’re a manager, the difference between your employee saying “sure” and “yes!” is everything. I mean this literally and figuratively. And so, I developed EYC to create more conversations that inspire human connection, engagement, development and “yes!” in the workplace.

The good news is, so much of this comes down to small but powerful changes in how people communicate. EYC focuses on the relationships, interactions and conversations that are arguably more important than any process, toolkit or intranet you put in place. If you want to develop stronger manager-employee relationships and conversations, I'm so glad you're here.


Program Differentiators 

Experiential Training.png

Experiential Training

Interactive training session where managers gain a baseline understanding of the six emotional leadership styles, with a focus on the coaching leadership style. Managers learn 5 key coaching skills and a framework for having results-driven coaching conversations. Participants engage in triad and group coaching in a safe learning environment receiving live feedback and coaching from me and their peers.

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Weekly emails and short videos to ensure reinforcement and integration beyond the training room. Participants receive weekly GPS emails with a video explaining the Goal, Powerful Questions and Skill Reinforcements that build over a three-week period. Via ongoing practice and accountability, these three weeks enable managers to develop the skills, practice in real-life and gain the confidence to have coaching conversations.


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Individual Coaching

One private coaching session for each participant focused on manager coaching, communications or other related management topic. Managers conveniently schedule online and identify their topic(s) in advance of the session.

Program Timeline

EYC is customized based on your organization's culture and managerial needs and challenges. It is personalized in partnership with the program sponsor to ensure it connects with other manager programs and competencies, so that you can put your company's stamp on it. 

Program Outcomes

Managers will be prepared to:        

  • Empower their teams to be more self-sufficient and accountable                                     

  • Have more coaching and development-oriented conversations                                         

  • Free their time to focus on priority work                                         

  • Unlock new, creative and fresh ideas    

  • Lead more productive teams


Learn More about EYC

To empower the conversation and bring EYC to your organization, please fill in the form below to set up an initial consultation with me. Limited engagements are available in 2016.

If you’re a manager interested in EYC independent from your organization, please contact me to learn more about my group workshops.