We often see life as a flow of decisions because we are consciously and subconsciously making choices all the time. Constantly at a fork in the road. Go left, or go right. It is easy to feel bound by these “big decisions” and opt for inaction rather than doing something bold and creating your best choice. What I want to open your mind to is the idea that, sometimes, these things we perceive to be decisions are really “false choices.” What if you could find your own unique balance of left and right?

Every person holds the power to be wildly creative and tap into their inner resourcefulness to find a place of fullness in their work, relationships or any part of life. Creating your best choice means being informed, not bound, by your options. It requires understanding what you truly need and want at this juncture. Being at a fork in the road does not have to mean picking between extreme choices. So why not create an option that feels right - that really works for you?

With this type of mentality, you can:

  • have a fulfilling career and have a family
  • be your authentic self and still feel accepted by others
  • have the best of job A and the best of job B
  • take care of others and still take care of yourself
  • be an assertive leader and still be a well-liked leader

Of course, there is tons of research about decision-making models and strategies, all of which are valid and help us understand the psychology of decision-making. What I’m suggesting is the idea that you can create your own path. In the high-speed, hyper-stimulated and pressure-filled world in which we live, I challenge you to create your best choice. Discover the way of being that feels right for you. Make a phone call just to learn more about the opportunity. Find the balance you’re looking for. Try it just once a week. Be willing to test out your strategy without any attachment. Go a little left and then go a little right. Create a path right down the middle if you must.  

Think about the important decisions you’re facing now. Where are you ready to create your best choice today? What’s your move?